Winter Progression Scheme

As the nights draw in and the days shorten, the good weather seems to be but a distant  memory; archers everywhere look for a shorter round to shoot between the down pours and bacon butties and mugs of tea.

an unofficial round, with the chance
of more awards and badges.

Distances:     30m
Face:             80cm
Arrows:         3 Dozen
Max. Score : 360


The GVA progression achievement scheme encourages you to shoot the round over the winter months and to increase you score. Similar to the Portsmouth’ and 252-Legend schemes there are badges this time, ‘frosty’, available for scores above 200, with increasing increments to 355.

Why not treat your quiver to a new look, or if you shot last year an upgrade.

Don’t forget to pass your best Frostbite of the month (October – March) to Colin Litster , to take part in the Inter-Club Postal tournament.

Hopefully it will also be good practice for the  Rusty Boy fun shoot, two and third  frostbites,

7 dozen arrows, at the end of the year. (TBC 30th December 2018).

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