St. Valentine’s Day Shoot


Wednesday 13th Feb saw our annual Valentine’s shoot take place. Mercifully it didn’t fall on 14th like last year, so we saw an excellent turn-out.

We shot a Bray 1 round, after which small hearts were fixed to the targets – hit one and you won a chocolate.

The Bray 1 was well contested but the lure of chocolate proved as big an incentive.

Well done to all those who landed some of ‘Cupid’s arrows’.


And congratulations to our tournament winners:

Senior Gents:

Clive Wilkins (RFS); Paul Stronach (CU); Matt Ogborne (BB); Barry Gingell (LB)

Senior Ladies:

Chloë Moore (RFS); Kirsten Hill-Nixon (BB)


David Hazon (RFS); Luke Davey (RFS); Daniel Mills (BB)

Milly Burchell (RFS); Fern Hill-Nixon(BB)

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