Somerset Postal Tournaments

Hilary (SCAA) is running both the Indoor and outdoor postal tournaments  again this year.

stamp5If you want to participate, all you need to do is shoot a  Portsmouth and/or Frostbite round each month and pass your best  scores to Jim  Denman (indoor) or Colin Litster (outdoor).

Each month they will collate Team Scoresof four seniors or three juniors archers to Hilary who will publish running totals.

Full details can be found on the SCAA website, but it really is uncomplicated, if you shoot and score Portsmouth and/or Frostbite rounds through out the winter months at the end of the month and no later than 2nd of the following month pass your witnessed score sheets to Jim Denman who will then collate the Club teams and submitted our team scores. Once he has done this he will pass them to our Records Officer Chris Johnson, if you are looking for a ‘Portsmouth Achievement ‘ award please make a note on your score sheet.

If you need more information please see the ‘Somerset’ website or speak to Jim Denman or  Colin Litster

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