Archery – Fulfil that Wish!

photoTC.JPG A survey* shows that 77% of Brits, wished they could have done Archery during PE at school.

Well what is stopping you fulling that wish now?

It is never too late to start, with coaching available from the age of 6 to 80. Many who have tried this ancient sport have gone on to become full member of our  family friendly club which is able to cater  for  the social archer and the more competitive and would like to go on and compete at Club,County or UK level.

To start the fun visit our Beginners Page and book your session today. All equipment provided.

[*Source: A survey by – 1,422 Brits aged between 25–50]

Clout Classification Scheme


Gordano Valley Archers now administers the Clout Classification Scheme up to Bowmen standard.

As with the ArcheryGB classifications, an archer must shoot three rounds at the appropriate level, within the archery year and the validated score or result sheets passed to Chris for ratification.

Once a classification has been achieved for each bow type, the classification is held for a year and archers may if they wish purchase an award badge to  display their success.

Clout Classification Schemesmall print

If you have yet to receive Clout training and would like to please arrange with a coach prior to shooting this style of archery.

Frostbite Progression

A shorter round to shoot between the showers and before your  fingers turn blue over the winter months.  Hilary Collins, SCAA, continues to run the Postal Tournament and full details are  on the County Website and Colin has agreed to collate these on within GVA.


an unofficial round, with the chance
of more awards and badges.
Distances:     30m
Face:             80cm
Arrows:         3 Dozen
Max. Score : 360


The GVA progression achievement scheme encourages you to shoot the round over the winter months and to increase you score. Similar to the Portsmouth’ and 252-Legend schemes there are badges this time, ‘frosty’, available for scores above 200, with increasing increments to 355.

Archers who shot in the Frosty Archer over Christmas can claim an award from the first three dozen arrows.

Why not treat your quiver to a new look, or if you shot last year an upgrade.