GWAS Indoor Championship – WSM

44th Indoor Championship
Record Status Shoot
Hutton Moor Leisure Centre
Sunday 18th February 2018
(choice of morning of afternoon session)

I know that this seems to be a long way off, but as an Indoor  Record Status shoot, places are  limited and even with two sessions, I would recommend booking early.  As a locally held Regional Championship this is your opportunity to not only compete in a Record Status tournament but also to compete against archers from all over the Grand Western Region for the chance to become a Region Champion. (Regional Records  have an additional age category of Under 9)

Round : WA 18   (previously known as FITA18)

Distance : 18m ( that is approx. 11” or 29cm closer than for a Portsmouth)
Recurve Face : 40cm  (same size as used for a  Bray I )
Compound Face : Triple Face
Arrows : 5 dozen

Further details can be located in the official Entry Form (external Link)

252 – Scheme Update

At the start of a new subscription year, and two years after the  introduction of the 252-Legend we have ‘tweaked’, what has a been a very popular progression scheme.

The main change is the requirement to shoot 2 rather than 1 qualify rounds at a particular distance, primarily to slow down people who just achieve the award and instantly move up a distance, possibly too early.    The other changes relate to the score required to obtain the awards, as you would expect the 252Recurve score remains unaltered but the compound archers will now need to try a little harder at 40yds whilst the Barebow and Longbow archers see their scores at 60yds reduced. All changes have been made looking at the different handicaps and achievability; hopefully we have made the right adjustments. Full details available in the ‘Members Area‘.

Frostbite – Postal Tournament



October sees a bonus, to archers shooting the ‘frostbite’ round the start of the Somerset County Archery (SCAA)
 Frostbite Postal League.


Full details and submission sheets can be found on the SCAA website, but it really is uncomplicated, teams of four seniors or three juniors archers submit their best frostbite score of the month, no later than the 10th of the following month and points are awarded accordingly, with an accumulative total and awards being made by the County at the annual Inter-Club tournament.

Hilary (SCAA) has created adjustment tables to allow all bow categories to shoot, on a level playing field and as always a junior may shoot as a senior if they wish.

Maybe Gordano can have three teams this year two senior and a junior, so who is going to be in your team and don’t forget you could use these results as part of your ‘frostbite’ progress achievement scheme.

If you need more information please see the ‘Somerset’ website or speak to Chris Johnson.

Winter Progression Scheme

As the nights start to draw in, the days shorten and the good weather seems to be but a memory; archers everywhere look for a shorter round to shoot between the showers and before their fingers turn blue.


an unofficial round, with the chance
of more awards and badges.
Distances:     30m
Face:             80cm
Arrows:         3 Dozen
Max. Score : 360


The GVA progression achievement scheme encourages you to shoot the round over the winter months and to increase you score. Similar to the Portsmouth’ and 252-Legend schemes there are badges this time, ‘frosty’, available for scores above 200, with increasing increments to 355.

Why not treat your quiver to a new look, or if you shot last year an upgrade.

Hopefully it will also be good practice for the AIUK Ironman fun shoot, two and third  frostbites,
7 dozen arrows, at the end of the year. (30th December 2017).


At the fun tournament held on Wednesday 20th September the great sport of darts was introduced to the archery range at Gordano Valley Archers. Young and the not so young battled it out reducing their scores from 501 to zero.

The option to finish on a double was taken by every archer and the bow category did not prove to be an advantage with winners coming from every bow style.

Darts meets Archery
Winners included:

Luke Davey (RFS),
Jeremy Porter (LB),
Pieter de Ronde (BB);
Kirsten Hill-Nixon (BB),
Ashley Flay (RFS) ,
Paul Hennighan (RFS) and
Claire Starkie (Compound).


This is one of the many fun competitions held at the club. It is not all about trophies as the winners were more than happy with their chocolate prizes.

Once again a big thank you must go to the Tournament Team ably led by Kirsten.

Gordano Valley Archers take honours at Gloucestershire Junior Championships 2017

On Saturday 9th September 2017 Gloucestershire Archery Society held their annual County and Open Junior Championships.

This is a UK Record Status using Western Rounds (New Western, Long Western, Western, Short Western, Junior Western, Short Junior Western).

The event was held at Deer Park Archers Ground, Shurdington Road, Cheltenham, Post Code GL51 4UD.

Gordano Valley Archers were proud to announce that 3 of their elite juniors, Marco Costanza, Sophia Boulton and Josh Smith took part in the tournament and were very successful. Full results can be seen if you follow the link:

This success followed on from their recent participation in the Junior National Outdoor Championship held in Lilleshall in July and the Junior Youth Festival in August 2017.

All three archers are currently involved in the ArcheryGB talent pathway with Marco having been recently offered (and accepted) into the Performance Academy for 2017/18. As long standing members of GVA we are all naturally very proud of our juniors and wish them all the success for the future.

Left to right: Sophia (first), Josh (sixth) and Marco (seventh) in the photo

Photo kindly supplied by Cleve Archers from their Open Facebook page.

Congratulations to all the archers in the competition with particular mention to those from Gordano Valley Archers shooting as guests in the Gloucestershire competition

What a birthday present!


On the 24th October the club celebrated its 12th birthday and what a birthday present we received – awarded the prestigious COSE West of England Club of the Year.

The award was presented to the club by host Steve Backley OBE, 2 times Olympic Silver Medalist and former Javelin World Record holder.

Steve Backley read out the citation “Gordano Valley Archers have been working tirelessly over the last 12 months to raise the profile of their sport. They have increased the number of people
taking part in archery in both the club, within schools and in various community settings across the West of England.

The Club’s membership has grown by over 15% in the last 12 months and now boasts over 170 members of which over 70 are under the age of 16. The club have worked to become 1 of only 3 archery accredited clubs in the country, enabling them to create a safe and welcoming environment for young members.

The Club has worked hard to break down barriers for new participants by introducing an “equipment loan” scheme. The scheme involves the recycling of equipment, so those new to the sport can afford to participate without having the initial expense of buying bows.

Gordano Valley Archery Club is also committed to developing its community links and has been working with over 40 primary schools in the last year. As well as this, they have supported University of the West of England to establish a new club by training 4 students to become instructors.

Congratulations to all winners and nominated clubs and individuals who were represented at the celebration evening. You are all winners!

Full more details please follow the link: