All Saints’ Challenge – Round 1

St Andrew’s Day Tournament

Wed  28 Nov 201818:00 Set Up – All Archers st-andrews flag
18:00 Set Up
18.15 Assembly

Round : Portsmouth

Admission accepted by submission of a
St. Andrew’s Day Score Sheet, available on the evening


Normal Boss fees will apply, results will be published in the Members area .

Points collected from this tournament can be used as part All Saints’ Challenge.

Remembrance Day Clout

remembranceSunday 11th November 2018

Round : Imperial one way single clout
Distances :    180,140,120,100, 80 yds       and 60yds on request.

See Colin or Neil for additional information. Could ALL archers ensure that they have received some clout training prior to the day.

A short target range but limited range will be available on the day.


Winter Achievement Awards

During the winter session many archers either shoot the short 30m outdoor ‘Frostbite
or 20yd indoor ‘Portsmouth‘ rounds.

p300-badgef200-badge  County, Region and National bodies all hold ‘postal tournaments using one of both of these rounds and as a club we run our achievement awards.

Archers can compete against each other or themselves to claim the awards which increase in 25 point increments.

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All Saints’ Tournaments 2018/19


St Andrew’s Day –  28 Nov 2018 – Portsmouth

St David’s Day – 3 Mar 2019 – Worcester

St Patrick’s Day – 17 Mar 2019 – Long Metric 1-5

St George’s Day – 28 Apr 2019 – Western


Four tournaments throughout the shooting season, two indoor and two outdoor with some new rounds this year.

The All Saints’ season winners will compete in a summer competition to determine the overall
ALL SAINTS CHAMPION 2018/19 at the Summer Fun and Awards Day.
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