GVA Outdoor Open Championship 2019

Location – Downs School – Outdoor Range trophy

09:00 Set Up – All Archers

09:30 Assembly
10:00 Sighters (One Round)

Round : Metric 1-5 (Handicap)

Beginners Course – will run as usual.

The full   RESULTS are now available in the members area

If you are only able to shoot in the morning let Colin or Chris,  who will give you guidance on the appropriate Long Metric round you can shoot.  There will be NO Clout range available on the day.

Admission accepted by submission of a 2019 Outdoor Championship Score Sheet, available on the morning, ALL members invited, but you  will need to have a handicap if you want a chance of winning. (Handicap used based upon scores submitted this Outdoor Season up until Wed 10th July)

Normal Boss fees will apply, results will be published in the Members area .

Further details available from Colin Litster or Chris Johnson

Points collected from this tournament will added to those of the  Indoor Handicap Championship  to determine the overall    GVA Handicap Champions 2019

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