The club Gonfalon flies proud at the SCAA Interclub Competition 2014

The club was established on the 24th October 2004 and has just celebrated its 15th birthday!

Originally established as a school club and therefore closed to the general public it soon became evident to the committee that there was a big demand for archery in the North Somerset area. So in October 2005 we became an open club – its primary aim to promote and develop the sport of archery for all.

In the 15 years the club has operated we have introduced archery to well over 8,000 people. Hard to believe? well last year the club delivered archery to 37 primary schools in North Somerset through its ARROWS programme endorsed by the North Somerset Council PE Association. This saw over 2,000 primary school children having an archery experience!


Ripley entertains the little Robin Hoods

Our aim is to continue to ensure a quality provision and to see our great sport grow and be available to everyone regardless of age, gender, race or ability. We do not recognise the term “disabled”. We prefer to see everyone as having a “varying ability”. These are not just words and we have been recognised by ArcheryGB (the sport’s National Governing Body) as one of its premier clubs.

Our club is continually working towards a development programme aimed at upholding the principles which have been associated with the sport for over 150 years:  “Union, Trueheart and Courtesie”. We will also continue to strive for excellence through our own club motto which when translated means “Face trial with Joy”.

But ultimately our club is about FUN!!!!!!!