Gordano Valley Archers’ Griffin flies high

Gordano Valley Archers has become the first club across the UK to be classified as a Performance club as part of Archery GB’s club development programme, ontarget.IMG_8544


Being recognised as a Performance specialism club is a positive step for Gordano Valley Archers as all connected to the club continue to work hard to improve the overall standard of archers as they move along the talent pathway, whatever standard they are.

Performance clubs will create opportunities to train and perform and are open to new ideas and seek to create an environment that encourages excellence.

Paul Maines, Chairman and Coach, commented on how the club was benefitting from being involved. “We feel this is a recognition for all the good coaching that takes place in the club. Achieving the specialism means a lot to us and we have already received many positive comments from members and other organizations we work with. We also feel that this has brought us closer to working with ArcheryGB. A number of local schools, on hearing our good news have asked us to look at setting up satellite clubs and we are in discussion with 7 schools at present. Our aim is to promote and develop the sport and archers and we believe achieving this award will help us do just that in our local schools and colleges. We would like to thank everyone connected to the club who have made this possible but we would like to say a big thank you to The Downs School who have supported us with a superb indoor and outdoor venue. The hard work begins now and we are looking forward to the task!  ”

The club joins only two other clubs across the country in achieving this standard, with a further eight clubs also working towards becoming a Young People club.

“Archery GB, through the ontarget programme, is recognising and rewarding clubs that are working hard in specific areas of the sport” said Arran Coggan, national club development coordinator.

“Gaining the Performance specialism is a sign that Gordano Valley Archers is establishing a culture of performance development and works at a local level for archery in clubs, schools and community settings. Over time Performance clubs will work to improve the overall standard of archers as they move along the talent pathway.”

Performance specialism clubs are places archers, coaches, judges and volunteers can achieve their potential and satisfy their own goals.

For more information about Gordano Valley Archers please visit the club website – http://www.gordano-valley-archers.co.uk. Or alternatively you can call Paul Maines on 07933 481287.

Or why not visit us any Sunday morning from 10am to 12noon at The Downs School,  Wraxall, North Somerset BS48 1PF for a free taster.

For more information on the ontarget club development programme visit www.archerygb.org

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