At the fun tournament held on Wednesday 20th September the great sport of darts was introduced to the archery range at Gordano Valley Archers. Young and the not so young battled it out reducing their scores from 501 to zero.

The option to finish on a double was taken by every archer and the bow category did not prove to be an advantage with winners coming from every bow style.

Darts meets Archery
Winners included:

Luke Davey (RFS),
Jeremy Porter (LB),
Pieter de Ronde (BB);
Kirsten Hill-Nixon (BB),
Ashley Flay (RFS) ,
Paul Hennighan (RFS) and
Claire Starkie (Compound).


This is one of the many fun competitions held at the club. It is not all about trophies as the winners were more than happy with their chocolate prizes.

Once again a big thank you must go to the Tournament Team ably led by Kirsten.

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