Welcome to Gordano Valley Archers

COSE 2016 West of England Club of the Year

f23811c99d03543abe9480cf6.jpgWe are a very open and friendly Archery Club based on the edge of the Gordano Valley at The Downs School in Wraxall, North Somerset.

Our vision is to promote and develop the sport of archery and to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.

We aim to achieve this by ensuring we have a highly motivated and professional team of coaches and officials dedicated to the principles of equitable practice.

The club is committed to providing archery as an all inclusive sport and actively promotes the sport as a Triple A sport for all the family. Triple A = All Ability Archery.

We shoot throughout the year on Sundays at our ground as well as having an indoor facility from October to March that we use on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings when the weather does not permit outdoor shooting.

Shooting times are:

Sundays (The Downs School) Wraxall BS48 1PF

09:00 to 10:00 – Set up range – Club Members
10:00 to 12:30 – Assembly beginners and club shoot.
12:30 to 13:00 – Take down range

Clout Range available for Club & Archery GB members – details on request

Indoor range available (weather dependent)

09:00 to 09:30 – Set up
09:30 to 12:00 – Beginners & Juniors Club Members
09:30 to 12:00 – Senior Members if spare capacity ( Members please set up on the landing)
12:00 to 12:30 –Take down range

Wednesdays (The Downs School) Wraxall BS48 1PF

Members Only  – Archery GB registered archers email for more information
(sorry no club bows are available)

18:15 to 20:30  Outdoor or Indoor range (weather and lighting dependent)

Please note for safety we do not allow all carbon arrows to be used on our outdoor ranges.

Frostbite Progression

A shorter round to shoot between the showers and before your  fingers turn blue over the winter months.  Hilary Collins, SCAA, continues to run the Postal Tournament and full details are  on the County Website and Colin has agreed to collate these on within GVA.


an unofficial round, with the chance
of more awards and badges.
Distances:     30m
Face:             80cm
Arrows:         3 Dozen
Max. Score : 360


The GVA progression achievement scheme encourages you to shoot the round over the winter months and to increase you score. Similar to the Portsmouth’ and 252-Legend schemes there are badges this time, ‘frosty’, available for scores above 200, with increasing increments to 355.

Archers who shot in the Frosty Archer over Christmas can claim an award from the first three dozen arrows.

Why not treat your quiver to a new look, or if you shot last year an upgrade.

GVA Indoor Handicap Championship 2020

trophyWed 22nd January 2020
Location – Downs School – Indoor Range

18:00 Set Up – All Archers
18:30 Assembly

Round : WA18 (Handicap)

Admission accepted by submission of a 2020 Indoor Championship Score Sheet, available on the evening, ALL members invited, but you  will need to have a handicap if you want a chance of winning. (Handicap used based upon scores submitted this Indoor Season up until Sun 19th January)

Normal Boss fees will apply, results will be published in the Members area .

Results Now Available

Adjusted results from  this tournament will added to those of the 2020 Outdoor Handicap Championship  to determine the overall   GVA Handicap Champions.

January Challenge – AGB

archerygbSenior*  Indoor ‘January’ Challenge

The chance for ALL members to compete in a countrywide challenge, without having to get up early an drive to a different venue. *Juniors can enter, but will be counted alongside adults (often they do, and, of course, beat them) Categories include the usual categories but with an additional split for archers who commenced Archery after Feb 2018, more experienced archers and those who stared archery before 1994.

During January you can submit, via an on-line form, your best  Portsmouth score. Closing date for entries 4th February 2019.

A few basic rules and form are available on the Archery GB website & Scores.

Time to post your Junior ‘November’ results

archerygbJunior Indoor ‘November’ Challenge

The Junior ‘November Challenge’ returns and a chance  for ALL juniors to compete in a countrywide challenge, without having to get up early and drive to a different venue or stand in the rain and get drenched.

During November any Junior can submit, via an on-line form, your best  score for 3 dozens arrows shot at 20 yds, or the first three dozen from a Portsmouth round, which you may be shooting as part of the County Postal tournament or the our own St Andrews shoot on the 27th November.

A few basic rules and form are available on the Archery GB website.

Closing Date : 8 December 2019